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Wolf Greenfield’s character is the product of two factors: our practice and our people.

Our practice is focused solely on intellectual property law. Nobel Prize winners, Fortune 500 companies, high-tech startups, and major research universities choose us to protect and enforce their IP rights. Whether we are litigating a high-stakes patent case, drafting claims to demarcate a client’s core technological innovations, or developing a trademark branding strategy, our work is driven by our clients' business goals. We learn a client’s business so that we can protect and defend it. For over 85 years, full-service IP enforcement and defense has defined what we do.

Our people make it possible. We attract, train, and invest long-term in technical and legal specialists at the forefront of their fields. M.D.s and Ph.D.s in biotechnology and chemistry with pharmaceutical expertise; electrical and mechanical engineers with industry experience developing valuable innovations; litigators who have won landmark IP cases and negotiated market-moving settlements. Our people could be doing anything they want in their respective fields. Their choice to be Wolf Greenfield lawyers is what gives our clients confidence in us. Confidence that has grown our practice into the largest New England-based law firm devoted exclusively to intellectual property law.

Orchestrating the successful and efficient interaction of science, business, and law calls on us to build teams with complementary skill sets who can collaborate seamlessly. It requires both an unparalleled depth of legal and technical expertise and a work environment that fosters mutual respect, collegiality, and a healthy work-life balance.

The collective expertise of our attorneys and technology specialists allows us to deliver full-service IP coverage across a broad spectrum of industries and technologies, including those at the forefront of emerging markets. Our clients look to us for all facets of acquisition, prosecution, and enforcement of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights, for pursuing or defending IP litigation or seeking alternative dispute resolution, for opinions and strategic counseling on product clearance, trade dress protection, IP audits and due diligence, interferences, competitive analysis, licensing and other IP agreements.

Based in Boston, we have a worldwide practice and work closely with a carefully-selected network of foreign IP law firms to help clients develop and execute international filing strategies and defend their rights in global markets.

Technological innovation is in constant flux. Our mission, however, remains the same as it was in 1927—to protect, enforce, and advance our clients’ intellectual property in service of their business goals.

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Welcome message from Tim Oyer, President and Managing Partner

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Ed Gates, Firm Chairman, talks about our core values