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Name Phone Email Position
Robert M. Abrahamsen 617-646-8256 Email Shareholder
Daryl Achilles 617-646-8352 Email Patent Agent
Michael A. Albert 617-646-8240 Email Shareholder
Eric L. Amundsen 617-646-8264 Email Shareholder
Michael J. Attisha 617-646-8235 Email Patent Agent
C. Hunter Baker 617-646-8381 Email Shareholder
Melissa A. Beede 617-646-8287 Email Counsel
Matthew Berg 617-646-8282 Email Director of Information Technology
Brandon S. Blackwell 617-646-8360 Email Associate
Diana Borgas 617-646-8540 Email Technology Specialist
O. Tobias Brambrink 617-646-8215 Email Associate
Tani Chen 617-646-8214 Email Counsel
Y. Jenny Chen 617-646-8372 Email Associate
Ling Cheung Hughes 617-646-8416 Email Associate
Thomas S. Chlebeck 617-646-8478 Email Associate
Justin C. Colannino 617-646-8551 Email Associate
Gregory F. Corbett 617-646-8249 Email Shareholder
Kimberly A. P. Cortes 617-646-8428 Email Associate
Heather J. DiPietrantonio 617-646-8205 Email Patent Agent
Stuart V. C. Duncan Smith 617-646-8479 Email Associate
Robert F. Edwards 617-646-8376 Email Executive Director
Roque El-Hayek 617-646-8308 Email Shareholder
D. Alexander Ewing 617-646-8341 Email Associate
Neil P. Ferraro 617-646-8267 Email Shareholder
Thomas A. Franklin 617-646-8398 Email Associate
Renée C. Fuller 617-646-8412 Email Patent Agent
Andrea J. Gabert 617-646-8420 Email Associate
Emily J. Gardel 617-646-8486 Email Technology Specialist
Edward R. Gates 617-646-8232 Email Chairman
David S. Gesner 617-646-8437 Email Counsel
Richard F. Giunta 617-646-8322 Email Shareholder
James G. Goodberlet 617-646-8241 Email Patent Agent
Patricia Granahan 617-646-8250 Email Shareholder
Lawrence M. Green 617-646-8230 Email Shareholder
Tina Hanifin 617-646-8383 Email Director of Practice and Client Administration
James M. Hanifin, Jr. 617-646-8262 Email Shareholder
John S. Harmon 617-646-8307 Email Patent Agent
Gitrada A. Harmon 617-646-8483 Email Patent Agent
Alan M. Hebert 617-646-8306 Email Patent Agent
Christopher W. Henry 617-646-8269 Email Associate
Minita G. Holloway 617-646-8286 Email Associate
Jason M. Honeyman 617-646-8222 Email Shareholder
Gerald B. Hrycyszyn 617-646-8313 Email Shareholder
Robert E. Hunt 617-646-8274 Email Shareholder
Elisabeth H. Hunt 617-646-8443 Email Associate
Robert A. Jensen 617-646-8271 Email Counsel
Marc S. Johannes 617-646-8209 Email Shareholder
Oona M. Johnstone 617-646-8325 Email Associate
Eric G. J. Kaviar 617-646-8338 Email Associate
Hunter Keeton 617-646-8283 Email Counsel
Katherine M. Kerr 617-646-8339 Email Director of Paralegal and Library Services
Evan R. King 617-646-8552 Email Technology Specialist
Keith Kotler 617-646-8545 Email Director of Finance
Sheila Connors LeDuc 617-646-8255 Email Director of Human Resources and Facilities
Angela M. Lee 617-646-8242 Email Director of IP Services
Jessamine Lee 617-646-8272 Email Counsel
Christina M. Licursi 617-646-8384 Email Associate
Helen C. Lockhart 617-646-8259 Email Shareholder
Chelsea A. Loughran 617-646-8429 Email Associate
Kevin MacDonald 617-646-8497 Email Technology Specialist
Ryan D. MacDougall 617-646-8368 Email Director of Business Development and Marketing
William R. McClellan 617-646-8203 Email Shareholder
Amy J. McMahon 617-646-8243 Email Patent Agent
Andrea D. Merin 617-646-8395 Email Associate
Joshua J. Miller 617-646-8456 Email Associate
James H. Morris 617-646-8227 Email Shareholder
W. Brett Morrison 617-646-8476 Email Associate
Michelle Nyein 617-646-8457 Email Associate
Timothy J. Oyer 617-646-8251 Email President and Managing Partner
Edward F. Perlman 617-646-8207 Email Shareholder
Michael J. Pomianek 617-646-8288 Email Shareholder
Randy J. Pritzker 617-646-8247 Email Shareholder
Michael N. Rader 617-646-8370 Email Shareholder
Daniel G. Rudoy 617-646-8303 Email Patent Agent
Allen S. Rugg 617-646-8447 Email Shareholder
Eric Rutt 617-646-8280 Email Associate
Turhan F. Sarwar 617-646-8455 Email Associate
Xiaohong (Ally) Shou 617-646-8413 Email Associate
Michael T. Siekman 617-646-8336 Email Shareholder
Neetu Singh 617-646-8541 Email Technology Specialist
Max Solar 617-646-8355 Email Technology Specialist
Nathan Speed 617-646-8275 Email Associate
Charles T. Steenburg 617-646-8265 Email Shareholder
John L. Strand 617-646-8229 Email Shareholder
Kuangshin Tai 617-646-8281 Email Associate
Andrew (A.J.) Tibbetts 617-646-8399 Email Associate
Maryanne Trevisan 617-646-8266 Email Shareholder
John R. Van Amsterdam 617-646-8233 Email Shareholder
Janice A. Vatland 617-646-8261 Email Shareholder
Robert H. Walat 617-646-8291 Email Shareholder
Patrick R. H. Waller 617-646-8223 Email Shareholder
Edmund J. Walsh 617-646-8212 Email Shareholder
Jennifer J. Wang 617-646-8392 Email Patent Agent
Robin A. Weatherhead 617-646-8278 Email Patent Agent
Daniel T. Wehner 617-646-8299 Email Associate
Chelsea E. Witte-Garcia 617-646-8477 Email Technology Specialist
Douglas R. Wolf 617-646-8260 Email Shareholder
Daniel W. Young 617-646-8245 Email Associate
Adam S. Zeiger 617-646-8485 Email Technology Specialist
Wei (William) Zhang 617-646-8257 Email Associate