The Wolf Greenfield 2008 Holiday Card!



 For PDF of key drawing, click here.

No. Clue
1 Code burglar: robber stealing computer code
2 Tanning salon: solar panels
3 Farmer with Boston accent: "I'm a pharma"
4 Therapy for scientists: gene therapy
5 Trademark confusion: Winter Wonderland vs. Frosty Fun Land
6 Geodesic dome: jungle gym
7 Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation: L.A.S.E.R. or more commonly known as laser
8 New use for bunsen burners: warming pretzels
9 Supreme Court case Aro: landmark IP case involving car convertible tops which was argued by David Wolf
10 Frosty the robot: robotic snowman
11 Pavlov's experiment: dogs salivating at bell ringing
12 An “easy” snowman: snowman with office supplies for decorations
13 Six Boston “landmarks”: Old North Church (think: Paul Revere's ride); Clocktower Building; Swan boats; the "Big Dig"; "Old Ironsides"(USS Constitution), and our building, Federal Reserve Tower
14 A "live" mouse: computer mouse scurrying for mouse hole
15 Suits you don’t wear: Paragraph IV suits (involves ANDA litigation)
16 Ice sculpture with zIP: ® ice sculpture
17 Copyright infringement: painter is copying painting of other painter
18 First cloned mammal: sheep born in 1997
19 Unbranded transportation: generic sleigh rides
20 Kids aboard: kids riding snowboards on distant hill
21 Recycling efforts: woman carrying recycling bin
22 Dishing up a snowball fight: snowballs inside satellite dish
23 Counterfeit goods: policeman arresting man selling counterfeit watches
24 DNA double helix: barber shop pole
25 Man with "x-ray vision": man carrying x-ray machine
26 DVD wheels: wheels of car
27 Three IP-related ”provisions”: New England claim chowder; genetically engineered baked beans; and MeMs (microelectrical mechanical systems)
28 Molecule balloons: being sold by balloon vendor
29 Batteries: smokestacks in distance
30 Periodic table of elements: outline on side of truck
31 Reference to our three name partners: Wolf (driving car); Greenfield (kids playing on green field); Sacks (man playing sax)