Alternative Dispute Resolution

More often than not, intellectual property disputes head toward federal courts. Many of our clients, interested in avoiding time delays as well as costs, turn to us for effective alternatives to trial. They count on us to keep their primary objectives in view as we devise novel approaches to resolution. 

Experienced across a range of IP, our attorneys are well-versed in arbitration, mediation, and the innovative hybrid approaches that can often produce successful forward movement. Equally important is the experience we bring to the initial advice we give on what type of alternative dispute resolution is best suited to meeting our clients’ objectives.

Often, we advise a combination of approaches, mixing aggressive litigation with tactical ADR, to maximize our clients’ settlement opportunities. In addition to a healthy roster of accomplishments in this area, members of Wolf Greenfield have served as arbitrators for the World Intellectual Property Organization, the American Arbitration Association, and the National Arbitration Forum in more than 85 disputes to date.

Our Services

ADR-related services that Wolf Greenfield attorneys provide to our clients include:

  • Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) filings to recover internet domain names improperly registered by others
  • Binding arbitration of IP disputes
  • Non-binding mediation of IP disputes
  • Second opinions to help assess a case's strengths / weaknesses and settlement value
  • Resolution of international or multi-jurisdiction disputes
  • Assessing potential win-win business resolutions such as cross-licenses, distribution agreements, acquisitions, etc.