At Wolf Greenfield, we recognize the value of copyrights in encouraging creativity in the various forms of artistic expression. Our attorneys handle a breadth of matters relating to the ownership of copyrights in industries ranging from software to artwork and written materials to internet-related matters. We also secure international clearance and rights for authors by coordinating aggressive worldwide clearance and registration efforts utilizing our established network of international associates, and we have been involved in copyright infringement litigation covering millions of dollars worth of products.

Our Services

Copyright services our attorneys provide to clients include:

    • Strategic counseling on copyright clearance and use
    • Acquisition, assignment, and sale of copyright rights
    • Copyright registrations in U.S. and other countries
    • Software copyright licensing and royalty issues
    • Counsel on literary, personal, and syndication rights
    • Copyright portfolio audits
    • Copyright enforcement, litigation, and dispute resolution
    • Internet and e-commerce issues
    • Advice on anti-counterfeiting strategies
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