Most successful U.S. companies eventually reach a point where they need to develop a business strategy for protecting their opportunities and intellectual property in other geographical markets, as well. They also learn to recognize threats from outside our borders. Taking a global market view, we counsel decision-makers on when, where, and what to file in order to secure the right level of protection or bargaining position in each of their key markets.

Our clients count on our international experience to navigate the complex rules and regulations that not only differ from country to country, but also are in constant state of change. Decades of helping our clients steer through international waters has equipped us with the knowledge base, professional contacts, and understanding needed to be effective in this environment. We are able to create sophisticated and cost-effective international filing strategies to maximize the cost-benefit challenge in globally protecting technology, products, and services.

Experienced in handling oppositions and litigation before administrative agencies and courts around the world, we stay attuned to new developments in the law and the rise of new competitors that pose potential infringement and competitive risks.

On behalf of our clients, we regularly work with the U.S. Customs Office and Federal Trade Commission to ensure that infringing or counterfeit products do not enter the United States.

In servicing our clients’ international needs, we work with carefully selected foreign firms in key markets such as Europe, China, Japan, and India, and in over 130 countries. Because we are not tied to using any particular firm, we are free to choose from among all of the law firms and attorneys in each country. Working on a case-by-case basis, we choose the one attorney, or group of attorneys, that will best fulfill our client’s specific need. We know many on a first-name basis and meet with them often.

International companies also seek us out to handle protection of their intellectual assets in the United States. We are well-known as a go-to firm for U.S. freedom to operate analyses and for efficiently prosecuting foreign-based cases through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.