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  • Represent clients under Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) domain name arbitration process

  • Group’s chair serves as UDRP arbitrator and has arbitrated over 85 cases for World Intellectual Property Organization and National Arbitration Forum

What Matters to Our Clients

The meteoric rise of the internet as a forum for commerce, academic exchanges, ideas, and entertainment revolutionized intellectual property practice (along with the rest of the economy) in the late 1990s and early 2000s. A second wave (sometimes called “Web 2.0”) of internet-based business and technology has once again brought to life some of the internet’s opportunities and challenges. 

Intellectual property assets—patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, trade secrets, and domain names—can have bet-the-company value. Yet the ease with which information can be communicated—and transactions can occur—across the internet creates business and legal risks and gives rise to domestic or international IP claims.

At Wolf Greenfield, we work with our clients to maximize the value of their IP assets and minimize their risks in the internet economy. From the selection, protection, and enforcement of domain names—a company’s electronic face—to review of web site pages for trademark, copyright, or other IP issues, we work with our clients to harvest the value of their brand and protect their IP assets online. Our attorneys and technology specialists bring technical acumen, legal expertise, and industry experience to best position our clients in the conduct of on-line business.

Members of our Internet & Domain Names Group provide a wide range of intellectual property protection, licensing, and enforcement services involving e-commerce, on-line brand management, and domain name issues. We also work closely with members of our Electrical & Computer Technologies Group on protecting internet innovations ranging from multi-tiered internet architectures to ASPs, from payment and order systems to investment vehicle systems, from search engines to content delivery systems, and many others.

Areas of Expertise

Examples of our group's areas of expertise include:

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Domain names
  • Arbitration of domain name disputes
  • Domain name counseling
  • Domain name recovery and enforcement issues
  • International registration
  • Licensing of domain names
  • Purchase and sale
E-commerce & internet
  • Brand management
  • Cybersquatting disputes
  • Virtual world (e.g., Second Life) issues
  • Website legal audits
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