IP Strategy

The best technology does not always win—in court or in commerce. It is a sound IP strategy coupled with solid execution that more often prevails. Strategy comes first.

The combination of our technical and legal expertise makes us agile advisors to decision-makers in the mission-critical matter of developing IP strategy for our clients. Identifying, protecting, and advancing their IP assets is a core competency that often leads to “bet your business” decisions.

The high quality of advice we give in formulating IP strategies is shaped to fit each client’s individual circumstances. We begin by identifying a client’s protectable IP assets and build value to establish a dominant position. We then chart pathways for commercialization of a client’s technology free of IP disputes and create strategies to gain business advantages over the competition.

Clients respect our ability to anticipate complex IP challenges, such as potential interferences, and to be prepared for IP “diligence” in fundraising, partnering, or acquisition. We guide clients in arrangements with 3rd parties to ensure their intellectual property assets are well protected. Clients also turn to us to provide counsel on how best to avoid enforcement efforts of 3rd parties and, when necessary, to defend them in litigation.

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