Business Professionals

See what some of our staff have to say about working at Wolf Greenfield:

Wolf Greenfield is committed to a workplace that values trust, fairness, openness and professionalism. Staff members are critical contributors to our law practice and are highly valued by the firm. You can expect to join a group of employees who contribute to the firm’s business goals and, individually and collectively, make this a great place to work.

We recruit, hire, train, and promote people who have demonstrated excellence in their academic and professional careers, who are highly motivated and dedicated to delivering quality work, and who enjoy a fast-paced, challenging environment. We seek out candidates who reflect the diversity so important to us and to our clients.  In addition, we genuinely enjoy working together. At Wolf Greenfield, you will share in an informal atmosphere where exchanges of questions, thoughts, and ideas are open and encouraged.

We do work that is varied, interesting, cutting-edge, and has a critical impact on our clients’ businesses. Firm strategic decisions, as well as day-to-day practice choices, are governed by our core values. You will benefit in many ways from being at a firm devoted solely to intellectual property. We believe intellectual property to be the most exciting field in the legal industry and we appreciate our partnerships with clients whose inventions, products, and services are changing our world for the better. Our allegiance to protecting and enforcing our clients' intellectual property provides a common purpose and a more interconnected firm.