Business Professional FAQs

What are my hours?
The firm’s full-time exempt employees work a 40 hour work week. Non-exempt full-time employees work seven hours daily, 35 hours each week. Flex schedules are allowed for most positions depending on job responsibilities and several other factors.

Is there a bonus program?
We offer our non-exempt employees two bonus opportunities. One is a discretionary merit based bonus tied to the annual performance review process that typically takes place in the late spring. The other is tenure based that occurs in the latter half of December. In addition, all our staff members enjoy special recognition from the firm as we mark Staff Appreciation Day each April. Exempt employees are eligible for annual discretionary performance based bonuses which are typically paid at the end of the year.

Are there opportunities for advancement?
Employees who demonstrate that they have the desire, talent, ability and qualifications to move into other positions at the firm are always encouraged to apply for available opportunities.  In addition, every effort is made to establish entry level positions so less experienced employees can obtain a long range of professional growth and development.

What kind of feedback will I receive?
In addition to ongoing feedback you will receive from those with whom you work, we have a formal annual review process which incorporates detailed, written reviews from those who have supervised your work over the year. More informal performance feedback meetings with your manager/director will occur regularly.  

What is the dress code at Wolf Greenfield?
Attire at the firm is business casual every day. Employees who wear jeans on Friday contribute $1.00 to the Denim Fund to benefit various charities identified by our employees.

Do you also like to have fun?
Yes! We enjoy firm-wide, group-wide, and cross-level social activities, including:

  • “Wine down” gatherings
  • Winter Party
  • Staff Appreciation Day
  • Service Award Lunches
  • Team Sports: We would be thrilled to have you join our notorious softball team or our championship basketball team (be sure to ask about the trophy!)