Annuities Assistant

The Annuities Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to the Firm’s patent annuity process including daily, weekly, and monthly departmental tasks.  Position assists with research projects to verify data; performs annuity payment status checks for incoming patent matters; and processes general correspondence received via the department’s shared mailbox.  The Annuities Assistant reports to the Annuities Manager.  


  • Respond to communications as assigned and in accordance with department practices.
  • Utilize the Annuities Department’s shared calendar to track open items; and close/move as needed.
  • Perform a daily review of Annuities’ shared mailbox folders to identify legitimate correspondence for review.
  • Conduct weekly reviews of FINAL Annuity deadlines coming due on the CPi docket to confirm/verify awareness.
  • Conduct weekly audits of CPi docket system to identify US patents withdrawn from grant; and reconcile in AMS.
  • Utilize CPi Online for announcements and process monthly download of annuity payment receipts.
  • Prepare certified letters to clients when required and as directed by manager/specialists.
  • Address/direct internal inquiries about client’s annuity service model and/or contact data to the CMH.
  • Process annuity data from New Client Requests; establish annuity management settings at the client level as necessary and confirm annuity management activation/deactivation with responsible attorney.
  • Notify associates of instructed abandonments; and respond to annuity reminders from associates.
  • Attend to CPi system status updates for abandoned patent matters upon attorney confirmation.
  • Attend to online updates at USPTO to update Fee Addresses and/or entity status.
  • Process CPI invoices, settlements, and statements; and respond to general inquiries from Finance.
  • Acknowledge receipt of the department’s scanned physical mail; review, sort and categorize for team.
  • Enter billable time into firm’s financial system, Elite, as applicable or directed by the manager.
  • Assist with file intake by confirming annuity payment status for patent matters transferred to the firm.
  • Provide onsite/remote coverage during emergencies or reduce staffing situations as directed.
  • Assist with other responsibilities, tasks and projects as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree or minimum of two years of work experience in professional services, or equivalent combination of education and work experience.
  • Highly proficient in MS Outlook, Word, and Excel as well as basic computer and database management skills. Willingness to develop proficiency in the firm’s IP software and business applications such as CPi, AMS, IPDAS, Outlook, DeskSite, etc. 
  • Strong time management, prioritization, problem-solving, and organizational skills and the ability to work effectively in a high pressure environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with different levels of constituencies
  • Flexibility and capacity to respond calmly, efficiently, and effectively in stressful situations.
  • Punctual and reliable and able to meet set deadlines and work effectively under pressure.  
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of matters and other firm business information.

Location: Boston, MA

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Physical Demands: The firm will strive to provide reasonable accommodations, as requested, to enable an employee with a disability to successfully perform this position in our office setting.  Frequent communication is an essential aspect of this position and employees must be able to exchange timely and accurate information in a variety of situations. This position may also encompass maintaining a stationary position for long periods of time (at least up to 50% of the workday) with occasional movement, as well as lifting and/or moving objects that weigh up to 25 pounds.  Other essential functions may apply and employees working remotely have the same or similar requirements.  
Work Environment: The office work environment of the firm is characteristic of the environment the job holder will encounter. In this typical office setting, an employee will encounter standard office equipment and any noise associated with that equipment. The noise level is usually quiet to moderate.  The office setting of Wolf Greenfield requires the ability to manage multiple work priorities along with frequent interruptions.