Lateral Attorneys

From new law school graduates to lateral candidates from law firms, companies, or clerkships, we look for lawyers with the strengths, talents, and passion to ultimately become shareholders of Wolf Greenfield. We hire a small number of people in whom we believe strongly, and then we invest heavily in them. We are highly selective, requiring not only outstanding academic and legal credentials, but a demonstrated commitment to our core values. We seek lawyers who excel at work in a fast-paced team-driven environment, without neglecting the bigger picture of their lives at home.

Our work is collaborative and cross-disciplinary.  For example, members of our core technical practice groups frequently support our litigators in contested matters, and vice versa. Bringing these talents together enables us to serve all aspects of our clients’ intellectual property needs efficiently and effectively. 

Our practice group structure provides a framework for training and workflow, without limiting what you can do or the groups you can work with outside of your core area of expertise. Your Practice Group Leader will coordinate your workflow to ensure that you are doing interesting and enjoyable work that enhances your professional development. You will be working closely with clients from your first day at the firm, and you will join several different client teams. After a period of time, you will likely become the primary point of contact for some of these clients. You will be encouraged to take on as much client responsibility as possible, as quickly as possible.

This is what an outside consultant had to say about our firm after interviewing all our shareholders:

This is a firm in which shareholders are experiencing the careers they sought, have found promises met, and hugely appreciate their opportunities to work among people they like, respect intellectually and trust financially. Professional excellence, institutional affection and presumed good intentions are a given at Wolf Greenfield. One or even two of these attributes are available at other select firms; all three is almost unheard of in other firms. Your shareholders appear to appreciate these attributes every day, but your laterals recognize how differently other firms’ partners live.