Technology Specialists

A technology specialist translates into words the oftentimes complex work of inventors who are experts in their fields. At Wolf Greenfield, our technology specialists interact with clients frequently and are visible members of our client teams. Typical responsibilities of our technology specialists include:

  • Reviewing technical disclosures and participating in client interviews to understand new inventions;
  • Searching literature and patent databases to determine the patentability of inventions;
  • Drafting written assessments of the prospects of obtaining patent protection;
  • Writing patent applications;
  • Preparing responses to communications from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office;
  • Developing arguments for patentability to Patent Office Examiners; and
  • Reviewing patents as part of the IP due diligence for a potential acquisition or merger.

We look for candidates with a strong background in the sciences, engineering, or computer programming. Candidates may have experience in industry or academia as well. Prior legal experience is not required. Additional qualifications include:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Sound judgment, maturity, and an inquisitive nature;
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively with business leaders, attorneys, scientists, engineers, inventors, and patent examiners; and
  • A strong work ethic paired with the ability to juggle multiple job responsibilities.

Successful candidates who have not already passed the Patent Bar examination and registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will be required to do so after joining the firm. The firm will cover the cost of the examination and a review course.

Technology Specialists at Wolf Greenfield pursue one of two tracks:

  • Patent Attorney Track: After at least one year with the firm gaining valuable on-the-job experience, we anticipate that you will enroll in a part-time law school evening program. The firm supports your education by reducing your billable hour requirement and covering the cost of tuition and books. The part-time law school program typically takes four years to complete. Upon graduating, taking the bar exam, and being admitted to practice law, you will transition to the role of Associate.
  • Patent Agent Track: On the Patent Agent Track, you will enjoy the same types of challenging work and professional development opportunities, with a reduced billable hour requirement. Your training and on-the-job experience will help you develop your career as a seasoned Patent Agent. The opportunity to participate in the firm's law school program will not be offered to someone in this position.

Please note that you may not apply for both Patent Attorney Track and Patent Agent Track positions. It is not anticipated that Technology Specialists will switch from one track to another. Please also note that you may not submit your application to multiple practice groups.

As one of the first technology specialist programs in the country, we have experience in turning the finest technical minds into the finest legal minds. Many of our attorneys started their careers in patent law as technology specialists. We know what it means to take on the intellectual challenges of patent law, and we are here to help you meet those challenges. At Wolf Greenfield, you will work with smart, interesting people and will be involved in intellectually demanding projects. You will draw on your technical expertise as well as your creative thinking skills to help clients achieve their business objectives.

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