Professional Development

Our commitment to training is evident in every aspect of the firm. We run a complete series of introductory and advanced classes geared to the different stages of your career development. From the beginning, you will be exposed to an innovative training program that is second to none in breadth and depth. Initially, your training will focus on the basics of patent law, and, as you gain experience, it will expand into more complex aspects of patent law and other intellectual property fields.

Training, however, is not just about intellectual property practice and procedure. We teach you how to communicate with clients and other people who are technically savvy, with those in non-technical roles, and with those who are steeped in the law. Knowing the law is the first step, but understanding a business and persuading others that your position is the best one is a skill that comes with experience, creativity, and teamwork. We consider all of these areas to be integral to your professional development.

All legal staff participate in a wide variety of training programs we have established at the firm. These programs cover such topics as advanced legal research skills, client development, business and industry issues, and review and analysis of decisions of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Along with our formal training programs, we also provide informal training on legal and business development matters through firm-wide attorney lunches, practice group meetings, and administrative presentations. All of these opportunities provide our practitioners with a well-rounded and balanced understanding of intellectual property developments and the business issues facing the legal market.

To provide you with additional educational opportunities, our Training Committee maintains a database of course descriptions and recommendations for all major outside courses relating to intellectual property law. You will have an annual budget for such training-related items as books, off-site seminars, and state bar programs.

We believe in giving technology specialists direct client contact early in their careers. To help you develop the skills you will need to build and maintain long-term client relationships, our client services department presents formal training programs on such topics as client management and communication, networking, and business development.

You will have a mentor, either a shareholder or senior associate, who will serve as an advisor to you. These mentors are in place to provide guidance and answer questions you may have about the firm and your work assignments. Our shareholder compensation structure also underscores our commitment to training. We reward lawyers who spend time training and mentoring associates and tech specs, which we view as a critical investment in our future.

Watch what some of our mentoring teams had to say about our mentoring program: