UMass Amherst: Startup Know How-What Every University Researcher Should Know About Intellectual Property

November 16, 2021 2:00 PM ET


Strong intellectual property protection is an essential component for most startup companies and for licensing inventions to existing companies. To help UMass researchers and startup founders, Tani Chen will discuss what all university researchers should know about intellectual property and how to obtain strong intellectual property protection for inventions. Among the topics he will address are:


  • What should academic researchers know about intellectual property protection?
  • What can be patented?
  • How broad should patent protection be to be of interest to a company?
  • Are there intellectual property strategies that work well for those interested in forming a startup?
  • Should startup founders pursue international patent protection or is US patent protection sufficient?
  • Are there any common mistakes startup teams make when it comes to intellectual property?


This session will be moderated by Burnley Jaklevic from the Technology Transfer Office at UMass Amherst. Register here.