Wolf Greenfield to Speak at Comparative Patent Practice Conference

November 14, 2017 - November 15, 2017

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan

From November 14-15th, Wolf Greenfield's Jenny Chen, Jerry Hrycyszyn, Jeff Hsi, John Van Amsterdam and Ed Walsh presented at the Comparative Patent Practice Conference (CPPC): IP in Interesting Times in Tokyo, Japan, co-hosted by Hoffmann Eitle. Topics covered by speakers included:

  • IP and American Protectionism - Ed Walsh
  • US Post-Grant Update - Ed Walsh
  • Inventorship Issues and Patentability Relating to AI and Bioinformatics - Ed Walsh
  • Global Patent Applications - John Van Amsterdam
  • Claim Construction in Validity and Infringement Proceedings - Ed Walsh, Jerry Hrycyszyn
  • Strategies to Protect a Market Entry Against (Provisional) Injunctions - Jerry Hrycyszyn
  • US Case Law Update and Venue in Patent Cases Post-TC Heartland - Jerry Hrycyszyn
  • Therapeutic Effects: Making the Applicant Feel Better - John Van Amsterdam
  • Improving Patent Protection on Drug 'Improvements' - Jeff Hsi
  • The Intersection of Regulatory Exclusivity and Patent Exclusivity for Drugs - Jenny Chen
  • Diagnostic Method Patents: Diverging Treatment in Europe and the US - Jenny Chen
  • Compulsory license actions in Germany: The Shionogi/Merck case - Jeff Hsi
  • Advanced Strategies for Enforcing Pharma Patents - Jeff Hsi
The full conference agenda can be found here.