IPRs: Strategies for Winning

May 22, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET

Wolf Greenfield, Federal Reserve Bank Building,600 Atlantic Ave., Boston MA 02210
IPRs are a popular vehicle for petitioners to challenge patents because they are far more effective and less expensive than district court litigation. Patents are killed through IPR at a high rate that entices petitioners and concerns patent owners. Petitioners and patent owners alike need to employ thoughtful strategies if they are to prevail in IPR. In this workshop, hear about these strategies from Rich Giunta, chair of Wolf Greenfield's Post-Grant Group. Rich is one of the most experienced IPR practitioners in the country (over 100 IPRs), boasts a win rate for petitioners and patent owners alike that far outpaces industry norms, and has pioneered new winning strategies in IPR numerous times. This workshop is designed for those attending INTA, and will include a 40 minute presentation (including Q&A) and an opportunity for networking. Register here.