WOLF GREENFIELD AND BPLA WEBINAR: Enforcing and Defending Biotech Patents Before the ITC - Video Now Available

June 18, 2015 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

Wolf Greenfield and the BPLA hosted a webinar on June 18th entitled "Enforcing and Defending Biotech Patents Before the ITC." A video of the webinar can be viewed here.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) offers an alternative to district court for U.S. patent owners to enforce their patents and seek to block infringing products from accessing the U.S. market. The ITC has recently become a more sought-after forum for enforcement of biotech patents, which bring unique challenges and opportunities.

Our industry experts covered the following topics, using their recent involvement in a biotechnology case at the ITC to illustrate their points:

  • Pros and Cons of ITC Litigation
    • Standing and Jurisdiction
    • Domestic Industry
    • Speed, Stays, and IPRs
    • Effective Discovery, Including Foreign Discovery
    • Judge Versus Jury and Remedies
    • Public Interest and Costs
  • Strategy and Perspectives
    • Considerations for a Complainant in Selecting the ITC as a Forum
    • Defense-Side Strategies
  • Navigating the Nuances of Biotech Technology in the ITC
    • Experts, Testing, and Technical Analyses
    • Claim Construction Issues
    • Infringement and Validity
  • Case-Study Focus on Enforcing Biotech and Antibody Technology and Compositions, In the Matter of Certain Antivenom Compositions, ITC Investigation No. 337-TA-903
  • Views from the ITC Office of Unfair Import Investigative Attorney
  • Views from In-House Counsel
  • Michael Siekman, Co-Chair, Biotechnology Group at Wolf Greenfield
  • Jim Altman, Shareholder at Foster, Murphy, Altman & Nickel, PC
  • Greg Corbett, Shareholder, Litigation Group at Wolf Greenfield
  • Gabe Holdsman, Senior Vice President, Legal Operations, & General Counsel U.S. at BTG International Inc.
  • Brian Koo, Investigative Attorney, Office of Unfair Import Investigations at U.S. International Trade Commission