Wolf Greenfield Welcomes 2012 Promoting Seven Lawyers to New Positions

Leading intellectual property firm Wolf Greenfield welcomes 2012 with the promotion of seven lawyers. Lawyers promoted represent a range of practice areas from biotechnology, chemical and materials technologies, electrical and computer technologies, and pharmaceuticals.

“This year we are fortunate to recognize a number of talented professionals who through their deep knowledge of industries and advanced technical degrees, deliver valuable solutions to our clients every day,” said Tim Oyer, President and Managing Partner.

C. Hunter Baker, Melissa Beede, Roque El-Hayek, Marc Johannes and Janice Vatland have been named shareholders. Also promoted to counsel this year are Tani Chen and John Strand.


C. Hunter Baker focuses his practice on patent prosecution and strategic counseling in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry, materials, and medical devices.

Hunter completed his medical training at Harvard Medical School where he was an M.D.-Ph.D. student in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. His graduate work in Professor EJ Corey’s laboratory at Harvard University focused on the enzymatic mechanism of lanosterol synthase, an important enzyme in the biosynthesis of cholesterol and other steroids.

Melissa Beede has over 10 years of experience in patent prosecution and counseling in the areas of electronics, software, medical devices and consumer products. She counsels clients on matters such as product clearance, patentability, and utility and design patent filing strategies. 

She has developed and managed patent portfolio of company that provides RFID-enabled monitoring and data analysis systems, resulting in acquisition of the company and its IP assets by a field leader and over the course of several years, advised major consumer products company on issues of infringement, including strategies for avoiding infringement, in connection with over 50 products.

Roque El-Hayek is involved in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications focusing in the areas of biotechnology, cellular and molecular biology, drug delivery, medical therapeutics, and pharmaceuticals. He has experience defending oppositions to U.S. and European patents. In his work with medical institutions, he secured patent protection for a licensed diagnostic test now widely used and expected to be used on millions of patients and is the basis of a new therapeutic indication. Roque also managed patent portfolio of platform technology for biotechnology client in clinical trials. Prior to joining the firm, Roque served as a Senior Research Associate with Boston Biomedical Research Institute where he studied the molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of intracellular calcium in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Roque has authored and co-authored over 20 articles in journals including Biochemistry, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Biophysical Journal, and American Journal of Physiology.

Marc Johannes has over 10 years of experience in all aspects of patent prosecution and client counseling including patent procurement, patent portfolio strategy and development, patent validity and infringement opinions, due diligence, clearance studies and advising clients in both offensive and defensive utilization of their intellectual property. Marc’s experience spans a variety of technologies such as electrical and optical devices, semiconductor devices, medical imaging and equipment, computer vision and image processing, pattern recognition, speech recognition and speech synthesis, networking, MEMS devices and all aspects of software.

Prior to joining the firm, Marc served as a software engineer with Scansoft, Inc. where he was responsible for the design and development of an image acquisition, Image Processing, and Optical Character Recognition application programming interface for document analysis and management applications.

Janice Vatland is involved in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications focusing in the areas of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She works with inventors and research scientists in preparing office action responses and with investors, professors, and research scientists in reviewing invention disclosures. Janice also creates strategies for pursuing and abandoning cases based on client's business goals. She began her doctoral career performing long-term, low-dose cell culture experiments to determine the mutagenicity of compounds found in cigarette smoke. Her research experience extended to quantitative modeling of age-specific cancer mortality rates in the U.S., which required the compilation of approximately 19 million computerized death records in addition to model development. Janice also previously worked as a Senior Specialist with ENSR, an environmental consulting firm, and as a Civil Engineering Intern with the United States Army Corps of Engineers performing assessment and analysis for a variety of Army Corps sites in relation to applicable environmental statutes.


Tani Chen counsels clients, particularly in the startup area, in patent prosecution in a wide variety of areas, including biomolecular engineering, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, drug delivery, fuel cells, chemical processes, and analytical devices. His work includes counseling major universities to identify technologies of interest to various start-up companies, including identifying dominating and potentially interfering subject matter that was of use during licensing negotiations. Tani also provides advice on maximizing IP protection in new "emergent" area formed by the merger of different fields of technologies, including both patent and copyright protection. Prior to joining the firm, Tani was a Research Fellow with the Center for Engineering in Medicine at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children.

John Strand focuses his practice on the enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights in patents, trademarks, and domain names. He has assisted clients in a number of industries including airport and border security and detection services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, internet-based sales, yacht brokerage, telematics, home warranty, and snowboard design. He has applied his training to manage all aspects of litigation from inception through trial, including managing discovery, taking and defending numerous depositions including fact, inventor, expert, arguing motions, preparing witnesses for trial, and taking direct testimony at trial. While in law school, John served as a judicial intern for the Honorable Mel Greenberg of the Massachusetts Appeals Court.