Wolf Greenfield Achieves Second Victory in Two Months for Client Geotab

On February 4th, Wolf Greenfield achieved a victory in the Eastern District of Texas—without a shot being fired—on behalf of client Geotab, a telematics company sued by a non-practicing entity (NPE). Orthosie Systems LLC, which owns patents relating to vehicle monitoring, sued Geotab, a Canadian company that produces fleet management software and GPS vehicle tracking devices.

After prior NPE lawsuits, Geotab had decided to take a stand against groundless NPE litigation. In a January 4th ruling, also in the Eastern District of Texas, Geotab won an early dispositive motion that a patent relating to the use of GPS devices (to which dozens of companies had taken a license) was invalid for being directed to an “abstract idea.”

When sued again, this time by Orthosie, Geotab made clear that, as a matter of company policy, it does not tolerate these kinds of hold-up lawsuits. We made Orthosie aware of Geotab’s successful track record in prior NPE litigation, and its resolute refusal to tolerate unfounded NPE claims. Orthosie agreed to drop the case without any payment.

For the second time in two months, the Wolf Greenfield litigation team (which included Michael Albert, Jason Honeyman, and Justin Colannino), working in close cooperation with Geotab’s in-house team (Dirk Schlimm, Laurence Prystawski, and Derek Smith), was gratified to achieve this victory for Geotab.