Wolf Greenfield Continues Post-Grant Success in June

  • June 30, 2016
Wolf Greenfield’s Post-Grant Proceedings Group went seven for seven on IPR institutions in the month of June, getting three petitions instituted for Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., two for RPX Corporation, and two for Smith & Nephew Inc. These IPRs cover a range of industries: Husky is a supplier of machinery for injection molding of plastics, RPX is a provider of patent risk management solutions, and Smith & Nephew is a global medical technology business.

“We’re thrilled with this result,” says Rick Musgrave, Husky’s Global Director, Legal & Intellectual Property, who leads the company’s IPR strategy. “We know we can count on Wolf Greenfield because of their stellar track record when it comes to IPRs.”

This is the latest in a string of victories for Wolf Greenfield’s Post-Grant Proceedings Group, whose record speaks for itself: So far in 2016, petitioners the firm represents have successfully gotten their IPRs instituted 100% of the time. Patent holders the firm represents have avoided an IPR trial 87.5% of the time this year (seven of eight decisions in 2016 denied institution), contrasted with patent holders overall avoiding trial only 30% of the time. The firm continues to have a perfect track record in representing patent holders in IPRs, as not a single claim has been lost.