Wolf Greenfield Named Among Top Performing and Most Active Law Firms in IPRs

In its inaugural IPR Intelligence Report, Patexia Inc. named Wolf Greenfield among the best performing and most active law firms for inter partes reviews (IPRs). Rich Giunta, the chair of the firm’s Post-Grant Proceedings Group, was also recognized.

When it came to representing either patent owners or petitioners in IPRs, Wolf Greenfield was ranked among the top 2 percent best performing firms in the United States. It was also among the top 10 firms in the United States focused solely on IP law.

Among attorneys representing either patent owners or petitioners at law firms focused solely on IP law, Giunta was ranked seventh best performing nationally for IPRs. For both performance and activity, he was ranked in the top 1 percent of all attorneys in the United States.

Patexia is an intellectual property community and information service. Its IPR Intelligence Report ranked the top 50 law firms and attorneys in terms of IPR activity and performance, out of 1,028 firms and 5,083 attorneys in the United States. The report was based on an analysis of all 6,580 IPR challenges filed from September 2012 through the first half of 2017.

Wolf Greenfield’s Post-Grant Proceedings Group, led by Giunta, has an outstanding track record of success for both patent owners and petitioners. The PTAB has been a very favorable forum for those challenging patents, as only about 33 percent of petitions are denied or dismissed. Wolf Greenfield’s patent owner clients have fared far better—of the petitions filed against our clients since January 2016 that the PTAB has ruled on, 82 percent were denied or dismissed. Conversely, since January 2016 the PTAB has granted institution on 83 percent of petitions for Wolf Greenfield clients challenging patents.

Docket Navigator also recently listed Giunta as one of the top attorneys at the PTAB, as measured by the number of IPR, CBM and PGR proceedings in which he represented litigants in 2016. He handled 36 of these proceedings last year, putting him in the top 20 of those practicing at the PTAB.